QLD Public Holidays Calendar 2019 [Holiday Dates 2019]

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2019 Public Holidays QLD are the leisure time that is provided to students or workers as leave time. These are the celebration of various events like government or private or some personal moments. This is the time when you need not work sit and relax or have tours. This time is for you & your loved ones. Holidays serve as much recreational work to do in free time. Public holidays come once a year almost at the same time. These are worth the waiting to have our time.

Holidays are a very great time to have our special vacations, adventures, spots or food. These are time to get enough sleep and relaxation from home works or any other stuff. Holidays have its own importance; some of them are described below-

  1. FAMILY TIME: holidays provide the best time with family members. It gives occasions to travel with them to have private time and share your bond with them.
  2. IMPROVE HEALTH: holidays are the major source to improve your health. It makes a person to relax, free from their daily hectic works.
  3. ADVENTURES TOURS: holidays are the best time to plan your tours. You can plan adventures tours, ridings, diving etc whatever you like. These are a break from your daily routines to make it better & memorable to restart your work freshly.
  4. REDUCE STRESS: holidays reduces stress & tension of students from their daily home or class works. These provide an abundance of leisure time for getting relaxed and fresh & improve mental health.
  5. MAINTAIN CONCENTRATION: the holidays are a basic source to improve concentration as these give an off from your stressful work and provides various opportunities for enjoyment and give a restart to your work with concentration.

QLD Public Holidays 2019

Holiday 2019
New Year’s Day Tuesday, 1 January 2019
Australian Day Monday, 28 January 2019
Good Friday Friday, 19 April 2019
Day Following Good Friday Saturday, 20 April 2019
Easter Sunday Sunday, 21 April 2019
Easter Monday Monday, 22 April 2019
Anzac Day Thursday, 25 April 2019
Labour Day Monday, 6 May 2019
Ekka Wednesday* Wednesday, 14 August 2019
Queen’s Birthday Monday, 7 October 2019
Christmas Day Wednesday, 25 December 2019
Boxing Day Thursday, 26 December 2019

* Please Note Ekka Wednesday Is Celebrated In Brisbane Area Only.

Public holidays are nationally recognized days when mostly all institutions are closed. These holidays differ from county to country & even within the country also.

Queensland is the state which covers the northeast of the continent The holidays in Queensland has been discussed below-

  • Tuesday 1 January – New Year’s Day
  • Monday 28 January – Australia Day (substitute day as Australia Day falls on a weekend)
  • Friday 19 April – Good Friday
  • Saturday 20 April – Easter Saturday
  • Sunday 21 April – Easter Sunday
  • Monday 22 April – Easter Monday
  • Thursday 25 April – Anzac Day
  • Monday 6 May – Labour Day
  • Wednesday 14 August – Royal Queensland Show – Brisbane Area Only
  • Monday 7 October – Queen’s Birthday
  • Wednesday 25 December – Christmas Day
  • Thursday 26 December – Boxing Day
QLD Public Holidays 2019
QLD Public Holidays 2019

QLD Public Holidays Calendar 2019

QLD Public Holidays Calendar 2019
QLD Public Holidays Calendar 2019

These are the public holidays in Queensland during 2019. They are described as-

  1. NEW YEAR’S DAY: the New Year is celebrated every 1st January in New Year’s occasion. On this day squad is gathered and new year celebration takes place.
  2. AUSTRALIA DAY: This day is celebrated on 28th January in Australia. On Australia day, 1788 arrival of the first fleet of British ships take place and their anniversary is celebrated.
  3. GOOD FRIDAY: this day is celebrated on 19th April every year. This is the crucifixion of Jesus. This day is mourning for Christians.
  4. EASTER SATURDAY: the Saturday which follows the Good Friday is celebrated as Easter day. This is the day describes life after death. In this Jesus lay in its tomb after death
  5. EASTER SUNDAY: Easter Sunday is the most important day in the Christian Church. In this day, the resurrection of Jesus is being celebrated.
  6. EASTER MONDAY: Easter Monday is a holiday in many cultures. The Easter date depends on the ecclesiastical approximation of March equinox. It is off in many institutions or schools.
  7. ANZAC DAY: Anzac day is celebrated on 25th April on a remembrance of the landing of Australian & New Zealand troops in Gallipoli in World War 1.
  8. QUEEN’S BIRTHDAY: it is celebrated on the second Monday of June month. It is held on the birthday of Monarch which is 7th October.
  9. LABOUR DAY: it is celebrated on first Monday of May. This holiday celebrates the 8-hour working day or as a victory of workers.
  10. CHRISTMAS DAY: it is celebrated on 25th December and on this day the birthday of Jesus is celebrated.
  11. BOXING DAY: a ‘Christmas box’ is defined as Christmas present after Christmas. Boxing Day is off to the servants when they receive their Christmas presents.
  12. ROYAL QUEENSLAND SHOW: it is held at Brisbane showground.

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