QLD Public Holidays Calendar 2020 [Holiday Dates 2020]

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2020 Public Holidays QLD are the days when most of the institutions and offices are closed. These are the nationally recognized day to close all businesses, schools, workplaces, etc. Public Holidays is the time given to every working member to enjoy their leisure time. Holidays are the sigh of relief to all the working parties.
Public Holidays is the time when they spent a day with their family members, share their moments, reduces stress, and go for walks or drives.

They cherish their lovely moments, spent time together by some journeys where they explore, laugh, and soothe their stresses. Holidays are also a time where one goes for adventure rides. They love to travel and spending time with their kids to know them more.
Public holidays differ from country to country due to festivals, seasons, etc. Below we are going to discuss the public holidays in Queensland, a state in Australia.

Queensland is the state which covers the northeast part in Australia. It is the second largest and third most populous state in Australia. The capital of Queensland in Brisbane. It is the largest city of that state. This state was named in honor of Queen Victoria. Following are the public holidays in the year 2020.

QLD Public Holidays 2020

Holiday 2020
New Year’s Day Wednesday, 1 January 2020
Australian Day Monday, 27 January 2020
Good Friday Friday, 10 April 2020
Day Following Good Friday Saturday, 11 April 2020
Easter Sunday Sunday, 12 April 2020
Easter Monday Monday, 13 April 2020
Anzac Day Saturday, 25 April 2020
Labour Day Monday, 4 May 2020
Ekka Wednesday* Wednesday, 12 August 2020
Queen’s Birthday Monday, 5 October 2020
Christmas Day Friday, 25 December 2020
Boxing Day Saturday, 26 December 2020,

Monday 28 December 2020


1 Jan – Wed New Year’s Day
27 Jan – Mon Australia Day Holiday
10 Apr – Fri Good Friday
11 Apr-  Sat Day following Good Friday
12 Apr – Sun Easter Sunday
13 Apr-  Mon Easter Monday
25 Apr – Sat Anzac Day
4 May – Mon Labour Day
12 Aug – Wed Ekka Wednesday*
5 Oct – Mon Queen’s Birthday
25 Dec – Fri Christmas Day
26 Dec – Sat Boxing Day
28 Dec – Mon Boxing Day Holiday

*Ekka Wednesday is observed only in Brisbane.

QLD Public Holidays 2020
QLD Public Holidays 2020

QLD Public Holidays Calendar 2020

QLD Public Holidays Calendar 2020
QLD Public Holidays Calendar 2020

These are the public holidays mentioned above in the whole year 2020. The date indicated above is estimated in case of any variation. Below are the significance given in each instance of the holiday.

1. NEW YEAR DAY: the new year is celebrated in Queensland on the occasion of the arrival of the new year every year on 1st of January. On this day, one can witness this with spectacular fireworks and enjoyment all around.

2. AUSTRALIA DAY: this day commemorates the establishment of first European settlement at Port Jackson, Sydney. So this is the official day in Sydney.

3. GOOD FRIDAY: this holiday held on Friday before Easter Sunday. Good Friday Is one of the religious and national holidays in Australia. On Good Friday, Christians commemorate the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

4. DAY NEXT TO GOOD FRIDAY: the day next to Good Friday is also known as Easter Saturday and is off to all working members.

5. EASTER SUNDAY: this is the GOOD FRIDAY important day to the Christian church. On this day, (EASTER SUNDAY) Christians celebrate the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ

6. EASTER MONDAY: this is also the holiday in Australia. It is the day after the resurrection of Lord Jesus. Easter is the public holiday, according to ACT in Queensland, NSW, and Victoria.

7. ANZAC DAY: it is the day on 25th April, a day of remembrance to Australians. On this day, Australian and New Zealand troops landed in Gallipoli in World War 1.

8. LABOUR DAY: it is an important annual event that commemorates the 8-hour working day for Australians & remembers them who struggled and succeeded.

9. EKKA WEDNESDAY: the Ekka is the yearly agriculture show of Queensland. Its formal title is Royal Queensland show, held in Brisbane. Ekka is an abbreviation to ‘exhibition.’

10. QUEEN’S BIRTHDAY: it is when Governor Arthur Philip mark this day as the holiday on the birthday of the king of Great Britain.

11. CHRISTMAS DAY: this day falls on 25th December, and Christians have to celebrate the birthday of Jesus. Aspects of Christian celebrations originated from winter celebrations.

12. BOXING DAY: a day after Christmas day is also a public holiday in Australia. BOXING DAY is the day for servants when they receive unique gifts from their masters. They receive boxes of love to open.

13. BOXING DAY HOLIDAY: it is also celebrated as a holiday after Boxing Day. It is off on next to Boxing Day in the country.

Thus these all are the listed number of holidays in Queensland, Australia in the year 2020. This chart is presenting the off days on that day. This advanced vacations chart will help the working personalities, school going children to relax on these days and pre-plan their enjoyment tour.

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