QLD School Holidays Calendar 2021 [Holiday Dates 2021]

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2021 School Holidays QLD are the days when Teachers, Students, and other staff members have days off. These provide the off time to all the faculty members. The students, teachers, and parents get a change from their daily routines. During these days no classes or periods are there. They are being freed from regular school works.

QLD School Holidays 2021

Term  Start Date Finish Date Length
Term 1 01, Monday, February 2021 01, Thursday, April 2021 10 Weeks
School Holidays 02, Friday, April 2021 18, Sunday, April 2021 (Autumn Holidays)
Term 2 19, Monday, April 2021 02, Friday, July 2021 10 Weeks
School Holidays 03, Saturday, July 2021 18, Sunday, July 2021 (Winter Holidays)
Term 3 19, Monday, July 2021 24, Friday, September 2021 10 Weeks
School Holidays 25, Saturday, September 2021 10, Sunday, October 2021 (Spring Holidays)
Term 4* 11, Monday, October 2021 16, Thursday, December 2021 10 Weeks
School Holidays 20, Monday, December 2021 28, Friday, January 2021 (Summer Holidays)


These holidays are essential to a child’s mind as well as health with the following benefits-

Now why schools holidays are necessary?

  • School holidays are the time when students feel relaxed and free from any stress. They are not forced to do their daily home or class works.
  • Students and parents spend most of their time together. They visit parks, adventurous places, and various monuments. They explore their journey together and spend quality time with each other.
  • Students get most of the time for their hobbies and interests also. They focus o what they like except studies like playing, drawing, dancing, swimming, camping, etc.
  • Holidays removes any depression of the students. They have leisure time for themselves and talk to their friends and members.
  • Holidays are very helpful in developing the concentration of the child. When they come to school after a fun time, they can concentrate more precisely.

So holidays itself has excellent benefits in students as well as in teachers life. That’s why everyone eagerly waited for holidays and enjoyed them a lot.

School holidays are also categorized in four major seasons:

–    AUTUMN HOLIDAYS: these are the holidays in the autumn season when trees shed their leaves.

–    SUMMER HOLIDAYS: these holidays are during sizzling hot days in a year.

–    WINTER HOLIDAYS: these holidays are during the winter season when there is old outside.

–    SPRING HOLIDAYS: these holidays are during spring season when trees start growing its leaves and new flower bud blooms.

Now in this article, we will discuss school holidays in Queensland. Queensland is the state in Australia. It is the second-largest and third most populous state in this country which is situated in the north-east region of the country. The state is the world’s sixth-largest sub-national entity, and the capital of Queensland State is Brisbane. It is the largest city in the state. It is also Australia’s third-largest city and known as ‘Sunshine state.’ This state named in honor of Queen Victoria.

Below are the discussed school holidays along with terms in Queensland in the year 2021.

Term1 starts from February and up to April and after that autumn vacation starts. As these vacations end, then term two starts from April to July. And then after that winter vacation arrives.  Next, from July to September, term three starts following with the spring vacations. And then from October to December, term 4 is in progress. And then from December end to January, there fall summer vacations.

Below is the chart has shown mentioning the detail about these terms and vacations. These vacations changes according to the state and country different states have different holidays date.

QLD School Calendar 2021

QLD School Holidays 2021, QLD School Calendar 2021
QLD School Holidays 2021, QLD School Calendar 2021


Terms/Season of holidays                            Starts                                                                  Finish

Term 1                                           01, Monday, February 2021                      01, Thursday, April 2021

Autumn vacation                         02, Friday, April 2021                                  18, Sunday, April 2021

Term 2                                             19, Monday, April 2021                              02, Friday, July 2021

Winter vacation                           03, Saturday, July 2021                               18, Sunday, July 2021

Term 3                                           19, Monday, July 2021                                24, Friday, September 2021

Spring vacation                            25, Saturday, September 2021                 10, Sunday, October 2021

Term 4                                          11, Monday, October 2021                        16, Thursday, December 2021

Summer vacation                       20, Monday, December 2021                     28, Friday, January 2021

These above are the mentioned details of the year 2021. Any further changes will be updated in updates which you will check on sites.

Now below is the list mentioned containing the best schools in Queensland State:


  1. Brisbane Grammar School, Brisbane
  2. St Joseph’s College, Gregory Terrace
  3. Brisbane State High School, South Brisbane
  4. Brisbane Girls Grammar School
  5. Anglican Church Grammar School (Churchie)
  6. Somerville House
  7. St Aidan’s Anglican Girls School
  8. Somerset College
  9. Mt St Michael’s College
  10. Cannon Hill Anglican College
  11. All Hallow’s School
  12. Ipswich Grammar School
  13. Immanuel Lutheran College
  14. Toowoomba Grammar School
  15. Stuartholme School
  16. Matthew Flinders Anglican College
  17. The Gap State High School
  18. All Saints Anglican School
  19. Loreto College Coorparoo
  20. Sheldon College

The above given is the list representing best schools in Queensland state. So these all about the school holidays and terms in Queensland, Australia in the year 2021.


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